Nestea - Animation

This project was to create a couple animation files of a new plastic bottle design being filled with iced tea. The unveiling of these new products took place at the annual company meeting.

Nestea - Bottle and Fluid Animation

Hands down the most diffucult 3D animation I've completed. RealFlow is real hard and real expensive. The biggest issue was trying to fill the bottle with the correct amount of tea. Many overflows and underpours could only revealed after many hours of running the simulation. Because I had to make the bottle as big as a bathtub it was difficult to gauge the correct amount of fluid to release into the volume container. Other factors like gravity, viscosity, and particle size all played into the chaos as well.

Faced with an already impossible deadline I felt defeated especially after losing the entire project and having to recreate the scene from a screen capture of all the settings before disater struck. I battled on for a week of sleepness nights to finally find the balance in fluid dynamics I needed to finish the project, literally down to the last minute.