Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards

An amazing opportunity to design this web site for the product launch.

Wizard and Fairy Wands

From the company that created Zhu Zhu pets, come these toy wands for budding wizards and fairies for interactive role playing adventures.

I travelled to the headquarters of Cepia in St. Loius where I met with the CEO as well as engineers and product evangilists. I listened and asked questions to understand their vision for the product launch web site's content and how the site can be used to build excitement. We settled on a simple site design concept with room to grow as there were ideas shelved for time contraints which would be revisited after the launch.

I offered three options ranging from sophisticated to cartoonish. A middle ground between that range was chosen and I finalized the design for a responsive site that performs great on desktop as well as mobile.

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